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Application for No Objection for Project/Programme Financing


Application for No Objection for Project/Programme Financing

What the service is about

The GCF no-objection procedure aims to ensure that projects are consistent with national climate strategies and developed using country driven approaches.
The National Designated Authority (NDA) no-objection procedure guides the issuance of a letter of support ensuring the GCF some extent of country ownership of the proposed project/programme.
The no-objection letter therefore confirms proposals are in conformity with Rwanda’s national priorities, strategies and plans; and the project/program is in conformity with relevant national laws and regulations.

Who are provided the service

GCF accredited entities such as the Ministry of Environment, IUCN…

Service processes (steps)

1.    Submission of the application by the applicant
2.    Performance of a completeness check
3.    Assessment of the Application which amounts to approval or rejection

Required documents( for application)

•    Formal request for No-objection,
•    Rwanda NDA Datasheet form,
•    Full proposal/concept note in the GCF template

Important notice to applicants (if any)

It is mandatory that submissions of requests for letters of No-objection be made by an accredited entity. The letter will be addressed to the Director General of REMA, in its capacity of NDA. The full proposal in the GCF template will accompany the request for letter of no-objection.

Important links (if any)

•    Download GCF Project proposal templates
•    Download Rwanda NDA Project Analysis Form 
•    Other NDA recommended templates



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