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Application for letter of no objection


Application for letter of no objection

What the service is about

Letter of no objection (LoNo), sometimes called Letter of Endorsement (LoE) is a preliminary confirmation letter issued by the Designated National Authority of the Host Country to a CDM Project activity that in principle it has a non-binding statement to the project idea and scope, as proposed in the Project Idea Note (PIN).  The Project Idea Note (PIN) Document provides an overview of the project, including indicative information on anticipated emission reductions, information regarding additionality and a preliminary overview of the financials of the project.

Who are provided the service

The LoNo/LoE is issued to the project proponents if the DNA - based on the information provided in the PIN – comes to the conclusion that a later official approval (Letter of Approval, LoA) is very likely.

Service processes (steps)

  1. Submission of the application by the applicant
  2. Performance of a completeness check
  3. Assessment of the Application which amounts to approval or rejection

Required documents( for application)

  1. Project Idea Note (PIN) in the format provided by DNA
  2. Any necessary reference documentation (if applicable)

     Additional information / documents may be requested

Important notice to applicants (if any)

  1. The purpose of this PIN assessment and the letter of no objection is to improve the quality of CDM projects and to facilitate contact between prospective partners and investors. The provision by the DNA of this letter shall in no way compromise the opinion, independence or transparency of the DNA when subjecting the project to the later formal (mandatory) approval process required for the granting of the formal approval required from the DNA.
  2. No alteration of templates-including format, font, headers or logo ;
  3. Concise and precise information under each section;
  4. In case the DNA needs clarification, the information is directed to the project proponent
  5. DNA Rwanda does not charge any fees for issuing a letter of no-objection.

Important links (if any)

  1. PIN form is available at


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