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Application for revision of letter of Approval


Application for revision of letter of Approval

What the service is about

The service is about revision /updating a given letter of approval 

Who are provided the service

Project participants already have a letter of Approval

Service processes (steps)

  1. Submission of the application form by the applicant
  2. Performance of a completeness check
  3. Assessment of the Application which amounts to approval or rejection

Required documents( for application)

  1. Reason for necessity of revision
  2. Revised PDD (if applicable)
  3. Revised sustainable development criteria (if applicable)
  4. Official approval of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) - (if applicable)

            Additional information / documents may be requested

Important notice to applicants (if any)

  1. No alteration of templates-including format, font, headers or logo ;
  2. Concise and precise information under each section;
  3. Applications may be made electronically;                                                                             
  4. DNA Rwanda does not charge any fees for reviewing a letter of approval.

Important links (if any)

  1. Sustainable development criteria checklist is available at
  2. Latest versions of Project Design Document (PDD) can be downloaded from UNFCCC website


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