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Application for Environmental Audits

Application for Environmental Audits

What the service is about

Environmental audit is a management tool for  evaluation of how well Environmental  Management Systems (EMS) are performing with the aim of preventing environmental damage; assessing compliance with regulatory requirements; facilitating control of environmental practices by a company/enterprise or facility management; and placing environmental information in the public domain.  

This online service allows owners or operators of ongoing projects to apply to the Authority (REMA) to conduct the Environmental Audit, to receive from the Authority Terms of reference for conducting the study and to submit their Environmental Audit reports.

Who are provided the service

The service is provided owners or operators of ongoing projects requiring the Environmental Audit and Experts authorized to conduct environmental assessment studies.

Service processes (steps)

1.    Submission of the project brief by the developer or the authorized expert
2.    Site visit and provision of terms of reference by REMA
3.    Carrying out the audit by the authorized expert and submission of audit report to REMA
4.    Assessment of the report and certification of the project or non-approval

Required documents( for application)

-    Project Brief (Information about the project, owner, site, activities,…..)
-    Land ownership documents
-    Project design if available
-    Photos of the project and site
-    Environmental Impact Assessment certificate, if any.

Important notice to applicants (if any)

The Audit must be conducted by an Authorized Expert/Company appearing on the list published by the Association of Professional Environmental Experts (RAPEP)

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