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Application for No Objection for accreditation


Application for No Objection for accreditation

What the service is about

GCF mobilizes climate finance by working through a wide range of organizations. The accreditation procedure aims to ensure that organizations applying to become GCF Accredited Entities have specialized capacities in driving climate action. The process also ensure that organizations have clear, detailed and actionable climate change projects or programmes to present to GCF progressing mitigation and adaptation and meet GCF standards based on financial standards, environmental and social safeguards, and gender

Who are provided the service

Private, public, non-governmental, sub-national, national, regional or international bodies.

Service processes (steps)

1.    Submission of the application by the applicant
2.    Performance of a completeness check
3.    Assessment of the Application which amounts to approval or rejection

Required documents( for application)


Important notice to applicants (if any)

For organizations that are not Accredited Entities, there are also ways to engage with the GCF.  
These may include, but are not limited to:
•    partnering with an Accredited Entity on implementing its approved GCF project;
•    co-financing projects with an already Accredited Entity; and
•    as a readiness delivery partner, provided that the entity can demonstrate relevant expertise, experience and ability to implement projects.

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